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PPRE: A Helping Hand in the Community

Presenting the Forty Acres F.R.E.E. (Financial and Real Estate Education) Tour

PPRE's mission is to educate and empower the community through real estate. Our initiatives include the Forty Acres F.R.E.E. Tour and more. Check out highlights from our programming.

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1191_1085493_The Youth Financial Literacy Masterclass.png
1191_1085493_Anne King BHG Mortgage Rebuilding Black Wall Street via Homeownership Flyer 1 Final.png
1191_1085493_Building Family Credit Workshop May 6th 2021.png
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1191_1085493_The Holiday Finance and Home Maintenance Series Flyer.png
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1191_1085493_first time homebuyer workshop-3.png
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